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Our Utah County water damage restoration services has taken us to many homes and commercial buildings. With vast experience and certifications our team has mastered the process and protocols to react within 30 minutes.

Mold is usually not a problem, unless it begins to grow indoors. The key to mold control is moisture control. By drying water-damaged areas and surrounding items within 24-48 hours can prevent mold growth. Once mold grows, it gradually destroys items that it's on. That is why it is important to find the source of the water leak or use proper aeration equipment to remove water & moisture.

Utah County Water Damage

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Quick Tips To Prevent Water Damage: Prevent a leaking toilet bowl by staying in the bathroom until the fill valve finishines refilling the toilet. Have an inspection to check water supply lines, connections and plumbing yearly.

If you are seeking a service that is well qualified and takes care of all insurance paper-work, look no further and give On The Spot Carpet Cleaners a chance. Locally owned and proud of our local businesses and that is why we strive to continue our 5-Star services. It is important to have a working office and healthy home when it comes mold, water and moisture control. Contact our water damage Utah County division today.

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