On The Spot Carpet Cleaners
of Utah County, Utah

Redefining the cleaning industry for residential, commercial, hotels and restuarants.

On The Spot Carpet Cleaners
  • Clients First: Meeting the demands of deadlines and ensuring customer satisfaction is what we are all about. Price-to-Quality ratio is unmatched.
  • Eco-Friendly Oriented: Desiring a clean area doesn't mean you have to use harsh chemicals. Simply using natural ingredients the right way is the best way. Our methodology is what gives us the upper hand.
  • Excellence and Awarded: Local homeowners and commercial management rate us 5-Stars. Our quality and pricing does all the talking.
  • Expansion / Growth: Due to popular demand, we grown into offering new services. Our awesome carpet cleaning paved the way of adding new services that are clients were demanding. We're just that good.

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