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Have you tried cleaning your floors and got no where? Cleaning by hand can make your arm and back sore. While cleaning with a mop, just doesn't do a good enough job. Even when you try DIY techniques such as using clorox to clean tile grout lines and floors can be dangerous to inhale/touch and leave a strong odor.

We host a large selection of machines, rotary brushes and natural solvents to really get into the porous grout. No need for harsh chemicals, it's easy and fast when you have the correct equipment. Most of our customers say that we performed a miracle, because the last time they saw their floors that pure in color is when they first moved in or installed it.

Utah County Tile Cleaning

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Don't think of it as a chore when you have On The Spot to clean your floors in a quicker time compared to most local competitors. The best way to clean tile is using a profesional service that is affordable to your budget and that provides a service warranty. That is what we do and that is why we are highly recommended in the area and rated 5-Stars on customer satisfaction and service results.

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