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Upholstery can be surprising with how much dirt it can attract. Sometimes just as much as your carpets and in some cases even more. Food, drinks and pets can be especially hard on your couches. It’s always a nice feeling to sit on your fresh clean couch. It’s not cheap to replace your furniture so this is always a good option to make them feel like new. We have soft chemicals that are specially made for upholstery cleaning and maintenance. This makes sure there is no damage done to your furniture.

Sometimes, spot cleaning can cause wetness and future-fading to sofas. We understand the worries of stubborn stains on a daily or show-piece furniture. We are purveryors of sofa care and cleaning tips, our methods use the correct solution agents for that specific material and age of furniture piece.

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At times you will find yourself staring a new stain on your furniture piece. A quick tip is to blot the stain instead of rubbing. Using any worn-out cloth around the house if fine to use. Although you will see better spot removal results using a cloth that is absorbent and white. When blotting, make sure to start from the outside inward to prevent a ring forming.

Most spills on leather material can be wiped away. If you are wanting to see if you can remove an old stain on leather, try using lukewarm water. We have seen many homeowners damage their upholstery funriture worse by trying to do it themselves. It is highly suggested to call professionals that have experience and the proper training. We also provide Utah County carpet cleaner tips and cleaning in Utah County if you are seeking that type of service.

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