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Pet Stain Removal

Dog Urine Stains

For any pet stains that have already set. Save the trouble and wasted-time by making us do it. Usually renting a carpet machine from the local grocery or hardware store encompasses a dual action method consisting of some form of liquid and steam. Steam needs to be avoided at all costs because the heat will bond the stain and odor even more.

Our methodology of using natural solvents is our little secret to getting stains out. We stay away from strong chemicals such as vinegar and ammonia because in reality the pungent smell of these two items might reinforce your pet to mark the area and scent again. If the urine reached the carpet padding, you may have no choice but to replace that area. Contact us so we can tell you if it did.

Pet Odor Removal

Doggy Odors

On The Spot Carpet Cleaners has technicians with pets, so we can relate when it comes to defecate pet odors. Unlike urine, using UV lights is useless here to spot the area. Using odor-free oxidizers we can eliminate the smell and the accident will seem as it never happened.

As these are simply tips for removing pet stains and odors, having a professional service done is always worth the penny. Contact us and see how we can bring your home or hotel back to a healthy place and state.

Pets are cute but sometimes they can be a bit stinky.

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