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On The Spot Carpet Cleaners

Professional Cleaning Services for Home, and Office

We are a local business that provides great Residential, and Commercial Carpet Cleaning services. We guarantee a cleaner, fresher, and healthier environment for your home, office or business. Our technicians are professionally trained, and every project we do is done with the respect our customers deserve. The mission of On the Spot Carpet Cleaning services is to provide homeowners in the Salt Lake, Pleasant Grove, and Utah County area with the highest level of quality service that we can provide. We want our customers to be happy with our service, and we are willing to do whatever it takes to make that happen. We want to give you the best quality of care at a fair, affordable price for all your carpet cleaning Utah County, and commercial carpet cleaning Utah County, and water damage Utah County needs. Request an estimate below.

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Cleaning The Carpets

Does Your Carpet Always Get Dirty?

The science behind carpet, is that it attracts dirt, and dust like an air filter. When the carpets are not cleaned, it is possible for the collected dust, and dirt to become embedded, and be harder to get out. Sure, you can use your household vacuum but it will leave sediments. We do understand that at times, a professional carpet cleaning is not in the budget. On The Spot truly understands this, and is why our low service pricing is a good try to offset this stallment. Homeowners can maintain a clean-looking floor, even with a lot of foot-traffic. Our techs teach DIY methods, and give professional guidance on rug, carpet, and upholstery cleaning care. If you are seeking the best 10 carpet cleaning in Utah County, UT. Do diligence, and spend the extra few minutes researching a service company, local cleaning companies, or seek the best carpet cleaning Utah service near you.

What most Utah County carpet cleaning, and carpet cleaners Pleasant Grove UT homeowners are unaware of is that a powerful allergen called inhalin is produced by dust mites. Causing allergic reactions, and possibly triggering asthamatic attacks. Our non toxic cleaning products, methods, and maintenance packages can reduce, and give better protection against soil buildup, mold spores, dust mites, carpet floor beetles, and many types of carpet pollutants.

Not only carpets cleaned. Enhance your entire floor layout by supplementing our carpet services with our popular tile cleaning Utah County solutions.

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To redefine the cleaning process for residential, commercial, hotels, and restaurants. A better overall clean, and customer satisfaction at better prices. Call or fill out a form today.
Surface Clean Doesn't Cut It
Have you experienced dark spots reappearing after a service? Most cleaners just clean the top surface of the floor. You truly want the opposite, you want On The Spot Carpet Cleaners.

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Utah County Carpet Cleaner

Dealing with Stains

At On The Spot Carpet Cleaners, yes, we can clean your carpets and remove the odors and stains but we go a step further and offer an addon that protects future stains. Did you notice that your once new carpet doesn't protect as well as before? Well that because over time the carpet you purchased or the existing carpet that came with your proeprty, left the factory already pre-preteated. This newly installed carpet comes with it's fibers protected, and eventually after so much foot traffic the protection wears off. We can help bring back that new-like protection by adding our solution agents and giving you proven-to-work maintenance tips.

That is why it is very important to spend the extra dollar to get your carpets cleaned but also stain-protected. Overall, you will have a better chance cleaning up a fresh wet stain.

Utah County Carpet Cleaners

Hair, Stains or A Funky Smell

We all consider our furry pet friends part of the family. At times it will seem the hair, stains and smell come back every month. We are equipped to use specific natural solutions to tackle each one.

Our standards do not mimic our competitors. Sure most services can remove the stains during the service but it usually reappears. Ever wonder why that is? Well, most likely the Utah County carpet cleaner treated the top surface of the carpet, where it is visible for all to see. Usually the stain soaks through and highlights the deep fibers and even possible the carpet pad. You do not want to pay for a service that only takes care of the top-surface. Protect your flooring investment and ensure that your carpets are thoroughly clean by using an oxygen-based formula that permanently breaks up the chemistry of the stain.

Pet Stain Removal

Dog Urine Stains

For any pet stains that have already set. Save the trouble and wasted-time by making us do it. Usually renting a carpet machine from the local grocery or hardware store encompasses a dual action method consisting of some form of liquid and steam. Steam needs to be avoided at all costs because the heat will bond the stain and odor even more.

Our methodology of using natural solvents is our little secret to getting stains out. We stay away from strong chemicals such as vinegar and ammonia because in reality the pungent smell of these two items might reinforce your pet to mark the area and scent again. If the urine reached the carpet padding, you may have no choice but to replace that area. Contact us so we can tell you if it did.